Ibn Haldun University

Graduate Schools and Programs


The Graduate School of Business at IHU aspires to be a leading center of academic and professional excellence in Turkey, and to be widely networked throughout the region. Our School is committed to providing the highest standards in business education, benchmarked against the best international practices in order to address the needs of Turkish society, and to provide professional services that capitalize on the country’s strategic assets to support its economic development. It nurtures a climate of scholarship and high academic effort that challenges all academic staff to excel in teaching, research and consultancy.

More specifically, this involves efforts:

  • to maintain and improve upon the high standards set by our undergraduate and postgraduate programs;
  • to further develop on-going research and development activities within the University, with particular emphasis on issues of concern to business, government and industry;
  • to create strong links with the business community of Turkey by providing consultancy and training services relevant to their needs;
  • to strengthen already existing ties with public and government institutions;
  • to maintain and consolidate collaborative relationships with local governments and other tertiary institutions and professional bodies.


Mahmut Arslan, Professor

Fuat Erdal, Professor

Mohamad Lutfi Hammour, Professor

Erhun İbrahim Kula, Professor

Ekrem Tatoğlu, Professor

Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz, Professor

Ömer Fahrettin Demirel, Associate Professor

Rasim Özcan, Associate Professor

Çetin Ali Dönmez, Assistant Professor

Nihat Gümüş, Assistant Professor

Şerife Genç İleri, Assistant Professor

Ahmet Kaplan, Assistant Professor

Ali Osman Kuşakçı, Assistant Professor

Sümeyye Kuşakçı, Assistant Professor

Yusuf Varlı, Assistant Professor

Fatma Halide Tuncer, Research Assistant





The Graduate School of Education offers the possibility of advanced and intensive studies on counseling, special education, educational leadership and policy-making, gifted and talented education, and curriculum development, including interdisciplinary approaches with Sociology, Philosophy, History, Economics, and Islamic Studies as well as other branches of the social sciences, set in the form of Master’s (with and without thesis) and PhD programs.

All our graduate programs provide extensive research skills and professional development for careers in teaching and research. Graduate students will be considered for tuition exemption plus other forms of financial aid awarded by the University. They will be able to benefit from additional research grants in tackling fundamental questions of education and related problems.


Yüksel Özden, Professor
Sefa Bulut, Professor
Pervin Nedim Bal, Associate Professor
Duygu Dinçer, Assistant Professor
Nagehan Pakdamar Tüzgen, Research Assistant





The Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences has a pivotal role to play in enabling Ibn Haldun University to become a research-led, globally-recognized social sciences university within Turkey and the region. Hence the School’s mission is to ensure the quality, compatibility and sustainability of education throughout all the graduate programs under its mandate so as to train academics, experts and research workers who

  • have internalized IHU’s principle of intellectual independence;
  • can conduct scholarly research in the social sciences on a par with international quality standards and best practices;
  • are in the race to produce concrete solutions, based on universal values and principles, for the problems of a globalized world.

Accordingly, the vision of the Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences is to become a globally-recognized graduate school in Turkey and the region by contributing to the development of innovative ideas, methodologies and studies in different disciplines.

There are currently thirteen master’s programs under the aegis of the Graduate School of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Philosophy, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, Sociology, Turkish Studies, Religious Studies, Basic Islamic Sciences, International and Comparative Law, and Clinical Psychology all have thesis-based master’s programs. In addition, Economics, Political Science and International Relations, International and Comparative Law, and Turkish Studies also offer non-thesis programs.


Fahrettin Altun, Professor
Yavuz Atar, Professor
Bilal Aybakan, Professor
Halil Berktay, Professor
Yusuf Çalışkan, Professor
Serdar Demirel, Professor
Şaban Teoman Duralı, Professor
Burhanettin Duran, Professor
Fuat Erdal, Professor
Suraiya N. Faroqhi, Professor
Mohamad Lutfi Hammour, Professor
Ömer Faruk Harman, Professor
Hasan Kaplan, Professor
Erhun İbrahim Kula, Professor
Üzeyir Ok, Professor
Ömer Mücahit Öztürk, Professor
Recep Şentürk, Professor
Habip Türker, Professor
Medaim Yanık, Professor
Ali Yeşilırmak, Professor
Ramazan Aras, Associate Professor
Mehmet Emin Babacan, Associate Professor
Ömer Çınar, Associate Professor
Emin Yaşar Demirci, Associate Professor
Burhan Köroğlu, Associate Professor
Talha Köse, Associate Professor
Rasim Özcan, Associate Professor
Ali Aslan, Assistant Professor
Betül Avcı, Assistant Professor
Muhammet İkbal Bakır, Assistant Professor
Tuba Erkoç Baydar, Assistant Professor
İbrahim Vehbi Baysan, Assistant Professor
Hanife Bilgili, Assistant Professor
Muhammed Fatih Çalışır, Assistant Professor
Ekrem Çelikiz, Assistant Professor
Yaşar Çolak, Assistant Professor
Ali Demirbaş, Assistant Professor
Ömer Faruk Erol, Assistant Professor
Emine Hoşoğlu Doğan, Assistant Professor
Enis Doko, Assistant Professor
Senem Eren, Assistant Professor
Heba Raouf Ezzat, Assistant Professor
Muhammed Göçgün, Assistant Professor
Yeliz Bozkurt Gümrükçüoğlu, Assistant Professor
Nagihan Haliloğlu, Assistant Professor
Şerife Genç İleri, Assistant Professor
İhsan Kahveci, Assistant Professor
Önder Küçükural, Assistant Professor
Belkıs Nilgün Öcal, Assistant Professor
Hakkı Öcal, Assistant Professor
Osman Hakan Öncel, Assistant Professor
Mehmet Özay, Assistant Professor
Ahmet Murat Özel, Assistant Professor
Mehmet Akif Poroy, Assistant Professor
Volkan Yıldıran Stodolsky, Assistant Professor
Ahmet Süruri, Assistant Professor
Khutb Mohammed Uddin, Assistant Professor
Burcu Uysal, Assistant Professor
Yusuf Varlı, Assistant Professor
Faruk Yaslıçimen, Assistant Professor
Sadullah Yıldırım, Assistant Professor
Fahreddin Yıldız, Assistant Professor
Mehmet Şakir Yılmaz, Assistant Professor
Ahmet Melik Aksoy, Research Assistant
Halil İbrahim Alegöz, Research Assistant
Osman Doğan, Research Assistant
Rıza Tevfik Kalyoncu, Research Assistant
Saliha Merve Kaya, Research Assistant
Ali Kıvrak, Research Assistant
Bernanur Kuyrukçu, Research Assistant
Ömer Faruk Petek, Research Assistant
Abdülsamet Sarıkaya, Research Assistant
Abdullah Ahmet Saçmalı, Research Assistant
Abdullah Enes Tüzgen, Research Assistant
Gülnihal Ahter Yakacak, Research Assistant






The Alliance of Civilizations Institute provides education at the MA and PhD levels in the field of Civilization Studies. It is also in contact with the UN Alliance of Civilizations Initiative through the Prime Ministry of Turkey.

The Alliance of Civilizations Institute organizes meetings and panels, conferences,symposia, seminars and research projects at the national and international levels, and facilitates faculty and student exchanges, by working in partnership with the member countries of the Alliance of Civilizations Friends Group. It conducts studies, develops projects, and supports studies especially in education, youth, immigration, and the media, plus the environment, culture, tourism, human rights, gender discrimination, and integration.

ACI is the only institution in Turkey that focuses on Civilization Studies, and aspires to become one of the world’s best and most renowned institutions in this field. The Institute provides instruction in English, Turkish, Arabic and Spanish. ACI provides its students with a strong academic foundation through a multidisciplinary course of study at the hands of accomplished academics in law, history, sociology, political science, architecture, fine arts, literature, and religious studies.


Murteza Bedir, Professor

Miriam Cooke, Professor

Tahsin Görgün, Professor

Wael B. Hallaq, Professor

Bilal Kuşpınar, Professor

Bruce B. Lawrence, Professor

Recep Şentürk, Professor

Yalçın Çetinkaya, Associate Professor

İbrahim Vehbi Baysan, Assistant Professor

Heba Raouf Ezzat, Assistant Professor

Nagihan Haliloğlu, Assistant Professor

Önder Küçükkural, Assistant Professor

Karim Sadek, Assistant Professor

Ercüment Asil, Lecturer

Mudar Haj Faress, Lecturer

Mehmet Mahir Kafas, Lecturer

Ahmet Tarık Çaşkurlu, Research Assistant