Ibn Haldun University

Basic Islamic Studies at Süleymaniye…

The MA Program of Basic Islamic Studies, which used to be organized at Başakşehir Campus of Ibn Haldun University, will be held at Süleymaniye Complex starting from the next semester. 

Islamic Sciences studied in an exclusively social sciences international research university is structured in a way to create qualified education and training conditions in its field on a global scale. The program including Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Kalam and Sufism is based on a curriculam of common and elective courses. Common courses are shared and field courses are studied separately. A student who is interested is also given the opportunity to take free English preparatory classes.

Young scientists who have successfully completed the program will become members in the national and international respected universities and research institutions as they have passed the language barriers and gained the skills to follow up and contribute to the scientific knowledge in their fields.