Ibn Haldun University

“Effective Language Learning” seminar for prep students by Dr. Munirah Alaboudi

Dr. Munirah Alaboudi from the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services at Ibn Haldun University gave a seminar on “Effective Language Learning” for preparatory students. During the event organized by the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Center (REDAM) of Ibn Haldun University, Dr. Alaboudi shared extensive knowledge about foreign language learning methods and strategies. 


Comparing language learning to climbing a mountain, Dr. Alaboudi emphasized the importance of finding the right path for this climb and using the right tools, which is a prolonged and tough process. In this process, she added that students without hesitation should use all the resources they can to get support.

Participation by students in the seminar was also too high as the seminar took question answer form. While students were sharing how they can like, be motivated, and challenged to learn English, Alaboudi was including recommendations to facilitate these challenges saying, “Moving on with realistic goals and a proactive approach will have a positive impact on foreign language learning.”

Dr. Alaboudi also informed about “Language Friends” working group which will be run by REDAM and will give the opportunity to the students to study the academic and psychological aspects of foreign language learning in detail.