Ibn Haldun University

“Freedom”: A film about Islamophobia met the audience at Ibn Haldun University

“Freedom”, a film about stories of 50 people who have converted to Islam from 25 countries and that has caused great repercussions in the world, met the audience at Ibn Haldun University. French director of the film Julien Drolon said that the film was intended to respond to growing anti-Islamism in the world, especially in Europe.

“Freedom,” in the context of the 2018 world tour met the audience at the Ibn Haldun University in Turkey after Malaysia and South Africa. Aiming to find an answer the question “Is the world free today?”, the film tells the stories and testimonies of 50 people who have converted to Islam. The converts also tell why they choose Islam and their attitudes towards increasing Islamophobia. The film is enriched with images of mosques and religious artifacts in Malaysia and Istanbul.

After it has been screened in Malaysia, South Africa and Turkey Freedom is going to meet audiences in Britain, Singapore and Mexico.

French director Julien Drolon, who answered questions after the screening at Ibn Haldun University and introduced himself as a convert in his thirties, stated that he had decided to shoot the film two years ago. “We were visiting Malaysia and we realized that Islamophobia has increased greatly and spread all over the world. Obviously, non-Muslims knew almost nothing about Islam. ” he said.

“Only Allah will tell us whether we succeeded or not”

Drolon realized that people who belonged to different religions and convert to Islam, will have a profound effect while telling the message of Islam. “So we have found people who chose Islam in 25 different countries. The beautiful side of the film is that these people speak about why they chose Islam in their own language and they convey the true message of Islam to people. Only Allah (C.C) will tell us whether we are successful or not in this. ”

Julien Drolon believed that those who chose Islam later, despite being a member of another religion, could greatly contribute to the abolition of the growing hostility to Islam and ignorance about Islam and the destruction of false perceptions. “I chose ‘Freedom’ because this is a value that the west constantly uses and cares about. So I wanted to disclose their false perceptions about Islam through a value that they appreciate. So I call this ‘Freedom’ wondering about What will be the fate of our freedom in choosing Islam? ” He said.

Drolon continued:

“We can say that Islam gives real freedom. The freedom of Islam is a freedom to save people from oppression. Islam’s vision of freedom is a vision that will save humanity from oppression and make it accessible to Allah, so you can be completely free. For those who are prejudiced about Islam, I think this is the only truth to be told Islam. We can tell the whole world that Islam is the only source of freedom.”