Ibn Haldun University

Ibn Haldun University signed a cooperation agreement with International Islamic University Malaysia

Ibn Haldun University signed a memorandum of understanding with International Islamic University Malaysia, for cooperation between two universities including education, curriculum and academic research.

The agreement signed by the Proffesor Recep Şentürk, the President of Ibn Haldun University and by Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin the Rector of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), paves the way for cooperation betwen Turkey and Malaysia and both universities will work together to define a common curriculum after analyzing course contents.

Ibn Haldun University will instruct Turkish in Malaysia

The agreement signed by two universities also involves cooperation in language education. Professor Şentürk said, Ibn Haldun University can contribute for the teaching of Turkish language in Malaysia. Professor Kamaruddin also said, they are ready to contribute for the Malay education in Turkey.

Emphasizing that the 11 percent of research about Islamic finance and banking is conducted by IIUM, Professor Kamaruddin said she believed they could cooperate with Ibn Haldun University in the fields of Islamic finance and helal food industry.

Ibn Haldun will host the Second International Muslim Future Thinkers Conferance

Ibn Haldun University and International Islamic Univesity Malaysia will also work together in civilization research projects. In this context Alliance of Civilization Institute of Ibn Haldun University and Institute of Civilizations and Islamic Thought of IIUM, will closely cooperate  regionally and internationally.

After the signing ceremony, a round table meeting was held in the presence of both presidents and the academic staff of each universities. During the meeting it is decided that Ibn Haldun University will host the second Muslim Future Thinkers Conference in cooperation with the Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation of Islamic Conference.