Ibn Haldun University

Reviewing the Tanzimat Reform Era

7Ibn Haldun University organized a workshop titled “Reevaluating the Tanzimat Era” in cooperation with Georgetown and İstanbul Universities in the Madrasah-i Salis Campus situated at Süleymaniye. Experts of Tanzimat Era both from Turkey and abroad including Professor Recep Şentürk, Professor Murteza Bedir, Professor Jonathan Brown, Professor İsmail Kara, Professor Engin Deniz Akarlı, Associate Professor Samy Ayoub, Associate Professor Sami Erdem and doctor Vahdettin Işık participated in the workshop. 

Speaking at the opening of the workshop Professor Jonathan Brown stated that it is possible to see the legal developments during the last period of the Ottoman Empire as mainly western-oriented, but those developments can also be considered as part of a regional and global change.

During the workshop, legal developments during the last period of Ottomans, constitutional developments, developments in the field of human rights and criminal law, mecelle law, commercial law and endowment law were discussed in detail.

Professor Murteza Bedir said that during the last period of the Ottoman Empire, an institutional reform project was established with the contributions of ulame and shayhulislam.

Speaking at the workshop Professor Recep Şentürk, the President of Ibn Haldun University said, the concept of equality, which was already existed in the Fiqh, has been revised and developed around the concept equal citizenship of the 19th century by the scholars of Ottoman Empire and became more inclusive.

The participants also underlined that the reforms during the last period of the Ottoman Empire were complex and intricate that requires a different way of evaluation but this was not adressed with necessary sensitivity and depth. However, in the last few decades, new information and the related documents that were presented has changed and deepened the academic interest which paved the way to reassess the complexity of the reforms in a different way.

The final communique of the workshop underlines the necessity of scientific activities and researches about the late reforms should continue besides the political, cultural and religious dimensions of the Ottoman era.