Ibn Haldun University

“What we are witnessing today in Jerusalem is the lack of wisdom in the Islamic world”

Professor Bilal Aybakan, the dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Ibn Haldun University said, Islamic world has been unable to raise a vigilant and a qualified authority that can uphold the vitality of Islamic tradition for the last two centuries. “What we are witnessing today in Jerusalem is the result of a leaderless Islamic world.” he added. 

Professor Aybakan lectured about the nature of Fiqh, its position in the Islamic society, the formation of the sects and the importance of historical tradition of Islamic sciences at panel titled, “Sharia, Evidences and Fatwa.”

Emphasizing that the Islamic social life has been managed by the sects since their formation professor Aybakan said, “For the last two centuries before the modernization, Islamic world has suffered considerable loss of power against the West and the balance has shifted throughly.” Professor Aybakan argued that the fiqh of the sects, which governed the Islamic geography for exactly one thousand and two hundreds years, still manages the individual and social life.

“Ignoring historical context leads to DAESH and derivatives”

Professor Aybakan underlined that ignoring historical aspects of Islam would lead to great social problems and said “To go directly to Qur’an and the Sunnah and ignoring the historical build up also means to ignore all the efforts of others and discovering America again. It is extremely pathological.”

Emphasizing that this misunderstanding causes the Islamic world to pay a very heavy price professor Aybakan said, “This approach opens a path for what is called ‘New Salafism.’ Today terrorist organizations like DAESH and other approaches arise as a result of some governments trying to produce religious ideas without having certain discipline, methodology and ignoring the historical aspects. Unfortunately this causes the rise of approaches that are very pathological, extremely radical, politically incompatible with human nature. This brings trouble instead of mercy to all Muslims. This is the great dilemma Muslims face.”

Professor Aybakan also argued that for the last two centuries, Islamic world was unable to raise a competent and skillful authority that would preserve the vitality of tradition.

“Researchers are unable to penetrate the world of thought of religious scholars”

Professor Aybakan underlined that in today’s world, scholars are having difficulties when dealing with a work that belongs to the classical period because they are unable to penetrate the world of thought of the religious scholars. “The loss of that level unfortunately does not allow us to establish a healthy communication with tradition. So to speak that opens the path for the Islamic societies not to have scholarly leaders. We have witnessed the latest events in Jerusalem. We have witnessed the Muslims having a melancholical naitivity. That caused the Islamic world to decline steadily. We constantly tried to save the day. We are just studying with the words.” he added.

“A transformation to collective society is needed in the Islamic world”

Professor Aybakan said that the recipe for liberation of the Islamic world would be a transformation for every level, starting from individuals to societies. Reminding that Allah will not change a society unless societies transform themselves Aybakan said: “It is impossible for us to progress without improving our belief and morality, just like the strategy of transformation and conversion our Prophet did in 23 years. We should not be hopeless. Our Prophet (S.A.S) says, ‘If you are complaning from the situation you are in, start within yourself.’ Was there anyone beside the Messenger of Allah when he starded? An individual should not be underestimated. If an individual starts solid and healty, he will find the end of the rope with the permission of Allah.”