‘A Synthesis of Classical and Modern Principles of Leadership’ Kitabı Çıktı

İşletme Bölümü öğretim üyemiz Dr. Sümeyye Kuşakcı’nın yazarları arasında olduğu “A Synthesis of Classical and Modern Principles of Leadership” kitabı, İbn Haldun Üniversitesi Yayınları arasında okurla buluştu.

Arka Kapak yazısı:

This book is a handy guide to the study of classical and modern theories, models, and principles of leadership. The titile of the book clearly reflects its synthesizing nature. Looking across centuries, this handy publication attempted to show how the classical leadership studies, which were necessarily value-driven and social ethics-centered differed from modern theories and approaches. For a more comprehensive understanding of today’s managerial problems and more effective solutions, the value and relevance of classical sources to the fields of leadership and management should be taken into consideration.

Authors argue that classical values and virtues must be (re)considered as inevitable attributes of contemporary leadership and management. Therefore, we strongly believe that this books is useful for anyone interested to explore classical and modern principles of leadership and management within the value-driven context.

A Synthesis of Classical and Modern Principles of Leadershipİbn Haldun Üniversitesi YayınlarıSümeyye Kuşakçı

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