SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Ibn Haldun University strives to provide a healthy and positive workplace environment for its dedicated personnel. In terms of legislation, the university conforms rigorously to national legislation that gives all employees the right to a minimum wage. In terms of discrimination on basis of religion, sex, gender, or age Ibn Haldun university has its own non-discrimination policy in addition to conforming to article 5 of the Turkish Labour Law. Our university prides itself in treating our staff equally and fairly, regardless of whether they be men or women.

Number of Employees: 323
Number of employees on contracts of over 24 months: 110


Along with standard programs in Management and Economics, our university has forged a special partnership with Turkish Airlines and attained a sponsor by Airbus to launch its Air Transport Management Masters Program. The program offers increased opportunities for the direct acquisition of jobs in this important sector as well as greater skills training.

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