Econometrician Anil Bera Delivers a Seminar at “ARYÖN 2019”

Universally known for his effective econometric studies, Anil Bera, delivered a seminar at “ARYÖN 2019” the Research Methods Summer Program.

The lecturer at Illinois University, which is located in the twin cities of Champaign and Urbana of the USA, delivered his seminar on “Spatial Analysis, a Big Picture” on July 10, at our Continuing Education Center “IHSEM” located at Bakırköy district.

Prof. Bera started his seminar with a briefly historical introduction and general epidemiology starting from the Big Bang. He compared the differences between time series and spatial dependence. Bera also mentioned the need to change from linear model to nonlinear model and from constant model to variable coefficient model.

In the context of city econometrics, Prof. Bera spoke about house pricing and spatial dependence and risk dependence of prices, in light of spatial conditional heteroskedasticity model “SARCH”. Bera highlighted how to test different spatial models in the context of possible misspecifications.

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