BADEER Gathered Investors from More Than 40 Countries

Ibn Haldun University was one of the main sponsors of BADEER Investment Platform. The 1st Business World Investment Summit, which was organized with the support of the Presidency Investment Office and the Ministry of Commerce, was held on 5-6 December at the Hilton Bomonti Hotel.


The investment summit, which brought together more than 100 local investors with nearly 300 international investors from more than 40 countries in areas such as industry, energy, tourism, construction, defense, advanced technology, agriculture, animal husbandry and health, started with the opening speeches by our university President Professor Recep Şentürk and BADEER Investment Platform President Bader Al-Saeed.


Our University Has a Great Interest from All Over the World

Professor Recep Şentürk underlined that Ibn Haldun University is an institution that gives importance to cooperation with the professional sector. “Our professors, especially in faculties and departments such as Economics, Business Administration and Law, have practiced the work experience. Our education is also intertwining theory and practice. Therefore, it is important for us to be among the regulators of this summit.”


Professor Şentürk stated that Ibn Haldun University has currently students from 53 different countries and talked briefly in his speech: “Our university has intense interest from all over the world. At the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year, we accepted 150 of the 2,200 applications received from our graduate programs and 53 of the 3,000 applications received from our undergraduate programs. The reason for such intense interest is the values ​​represented by our university. We are not a kind of university that serves as an agency for Western ideas in Turkey, our slogan is, Intellectual Independence.”


“Interest in Turkey has Made Us Extremely Happy”

Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences at our university Professor Mustafa Kemal Yilmaz indicated that businessmen around the world expressed their desire to evaluate various investment opportunities in Turkey, “Turkey opened its arms to businessmen. Because there is a need for an investment of about 65 trillion dollars in the world right now. In developing our country, we think that making this investment in Turkey and transferring it to abroad with different opportunities, is very important. Another reason we like to add is that we want to make Turkey a R&D center. We want to make a center of entrepreneurship. By evaluating the young population of Turkey and benefiting from the incentive mechanisms provided here, both Turkey and the businessmen will win. Having this very large audience, showing a real interest in Turkey has made us extremely happy,” he said.


“Potential of Our Country is Much Higher”

At the opening speech, BADEER Investment Platform Chairman Bader Al-Saeed, advised companies that want to invest in Turkey to do good field researches. While Mehmet Fatih Kacır the Industry and Technology Deputy Minister pointed out that investment in Turkey is not only confined to the property, but they also offer significant opportunities in industry and advanced technology.

The Head of Presidential Investment Office Arda Ermut stressed out the importance of the summit saying, “we should give weight to the summit of BADEER to attract the right investments to Turkey. It is imperative to draw the direct investment in Turkey from the sector of services to the sector of industry.” Ermut also reminded that Turkey has attracted 15 billion dollars of direct investment till 2002 while since 2002 till now about 201 billion dollars of investment have been attracted, “None of us have seen this investment as enough, because we believe that the potential of our country is much higher.”

Following the opening speeches of BADEER 1st Business and Investment Opportunities Summit, Panel of “Legal Rights and State Incentives Provided to Foreign Investors in Turkey” held in moderation of Ibn Haldun University Dean of the Faculty of Law Professor Yusuf Çalıskan, continued. Professor Çalışkan pointed out that Turkey has made significant legal regulations for foreign investors in recent years; Especially that the foreign investors who have certain regulations and certain conditions can easily become Turkish citizens.

Results of 3- days Summit, targeted to withdraw a total of 3 billion dollar investments to Turkey, will be announced in a report to be released in the coming days showing the trade volume and which investors in which sectors are contributing.