300 Prospective Students had the university experience at Ibn Haldun University

The Summit of My Future of Social Sciences, which hosted 300 candidate students this year, hosted senior names on its last day.

Prospective Students from all over Turkey received satisfactory information about social sciences in the period of July 20-22. Hosting a program of rich workshops and social events, My Future of Social Sciences Summit of 2019 brought together prospective students and senior figures such as, Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Kasapoğlu, President of Supreme Court İsmail Rüştü Cirit, Chief Executive of Turkish Airlines İlker Aycı, Chairman of Borsa İstanbul Professor Erişah Arıcan, sports commentator Ahmet Çakar and General Manager of CNN Türk Bora Bayraktar.

In the interviews moderated by the experienced journalists Zeynep Türkoğlu and Adem Metan, our senior guests shared their experiences with the students and provided them with insightful vision of how to shape their careers.

“There is no such thing as ‘Monday Syndrome’ for successful people”

The first speaker of to the students was, Chief Executive of Turkish Airlines İlker Ayci. He stated that the people who are determined to succeed, start each work day with enthusiasm and passion. “There is no such thing as Monday’s syndrome for successful people. Of course you are tired of the work, you will get tired of the obstacles around, you will be constantly in front of easy solutions but these solutions will not make extra contribution for you and your organization. Successful people are the people who have the will and determination to overcome all of these” expressed İlker Ayci.

“Those wishing to contribute to the change-transformation process of our country should prefer Social Sciences”

İlker Aycı stated that he studied Political Science at the university and explained, “Why did I studied Political Science? Because I wanted to be in the staff that develops our country in every field, brings it from place to place and carries it forward. This goal, working for my country, was the driving force in my study of Political Science and motivated me constantly. I think that those who want to change-transform their country and those who want to contribute to this process should prefer social sciences. I find it very important for our young generation to have a say in the future of our country and to show a will in this direction.”

Ayci stated that studying social sciences is to embrace the consciousness of history and civilization, to recognize ourselves and to realize today and then to walk towards the determined goal. “Social Sciences is a place in which you cannot stay in the place where you have started. Your inter-disciplinary studies will inspire and enrich you. I would recommend you to integrate different major branches and skills to the area that you will specialize in the university. For example, if you are going to study Aviation, add Business Administration and Economy to this aviation accumulation by following and evaluating the opportunities of Double Major, Master’s and Doctorate” stressed İlker Ayci.

İlker Aycı ended his speech by giving the following advice to the prospective students: “Of course, you will receive advice from your family and the elders you care about. However, it is you who will make the decision at the end of the day. So first you need to recognize yourself. So, be open and honest with yourself. Ask, for example, what I enjoy when I do it, and find the optimum point between what is expected from you and the honest answers you will give, and finally make your choice.”

“Very large investments are made in the media in the developed countries, the need for qualified personnel is increasing at this rate”

Recalling that large scale investments have been made in the media in developed countries, Bora Bayraktar said that the need for qualified personnel and the need for Media and Communication graduates who read and develop the world correctly are increasing day by day. “In our country, both our state and the private sector increase such media investments. Everyone wants to market himself correctly and to be understood correctly. Communication is very important in this sense. We need people who follow up the issues correctly and analyze them with an interdisciplinary perspective. In this respect, I believe in the mission of Ibn Haldun University” emphasized Bayraktar.

Professor Erişah Arıcan also made a speech at the summit

One of the summit speakers was, the Chairman of Borsa İstanbul Prof. Erişah Arıcan, “Titles come and go, teaching lasts, I’m also a teacher,” conveyed Prof.  Arıcan. In her words, she talked about her experiences and made various recommendations to the prospective students.

“I regret that I studied medicine, If I had my current mind, I would have chosen Law”

The last guest of the morning sessions on Monday, July 22nd, was Ahmet Çakar, a former referee and experienced sports commentator. “When I saw you in front of me, I went back to the early 1980s. As a graduate of Istanbul Boys’ High School, I entered the university exam and achieved the 49th place, and I won my first choice, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine” stated Çakar who gave a brief about his life and continued his speech as follow, “If you ask me today about my previous choice, I regret that I studied medicine. If I had my current mind, I would have chosen Law. Know two things in life: (1) Law (2) Mathematics” pointed out Ahmet Çakar. He stated that he has commented on sports on TV for 20 years, and ended his speech by stating that he was the judge of the sport ‘referee’ even though he could not be a judge by studying Law.

“Studying in Istanbul means studying in two Universities”

In the address of the prospective students that interested in the future and subjects related to the future, Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Kasapoğlu said, “You are the hope not only of tomorrow, but of today.”

He said that the construction of cultures and civilizations is the most important mission of the social sciences, and that the social sciences lead the transformation and development of societies, and added, “Our ancestors who ruled continents and established states that lived for centuries did not neglect the social sciences. They used social sciences at the highest level in the construction of civilization. Societies that neglected social sciences have not succeeded. We believe that you will put forward such a perspective for the future. Never stop working, producing, daydreaming. Studying in Istanbul means studying in two Universities.”


“Do Your Favorite Job”

The last speaker of the “My Future of Social Sciences Summit” was the President of the Supreme Court of Appeals İsmail Rüştü Cirit. Cirit addressed the students saying, “The choices you make are of course important for you as well as for our state and nation. We believe you will make the right choices.” Cirit, who started his speech with this words, explained why he preferred the Law with the following words: “We have established 16 great states. All of them were aimed at justice, all based on the basis of justice. Justice is directly related to the survival and endurance of the state. Because it was important to that extent, I chose the School of Law.”


Following the summit speeches, attendance certificates were handed out to the students. After the summary speech of our Head of the Media and Communication Department Assist. Prof. Hakkı Öcal about the summit, the Future of Social Sciences Summit ended with taking souvenir photos.



A summit full of university experience

The Bosphorus Tour, Kahoot game and open air concert were also held in the summit and the students who had the opportunity to get acquainted with various aspects of social sciences, have already experienced a university life in all dimensions from dormitories to library, from lectures to conferences. The prospective students also received information from our academicians about our undergraduate programs, and found answers to their curiosity about their future careers at the stands of different companies.



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