A Panel on Blockchain and its Social Benefits

The second workshop organized by School of Business entitled “Blockchain for Social Good: Catalyzing Shared Prosperity through Transparency” took place on Friday, November 16th in Başakşehir Campus of Ibn Haldun University. The opening remarks were made by Prof. Mustafa K. Yılmaz. In panel session moderated by Dr. Nihat Gümüş, UNDP Alternative Finance Expert Marina Petrovic and IHU CIO Dr.Ahmet Kaplan shared their invaluable knowledge and experiences on Blockchain. Marina Petrovic mentioned social responsibility projects carried out by UNDP on Blockchain platform, especially those that adress immigrant people. On the other hand, Dr. Ahmet Kaplan discussed the Blockchain applications on educational matters. The panel gave audience an opportunity to getfamiliar with Blockchain and its social benefits.

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