Ahmet Murat Özel attended Casablanca International Book Fair

Assistant Professor of Ibn Haldun University, writer and a poet Ahmet Mural Özel, attended 24 th Casablanca International Book Fair and met with Moroccan booklovers in a seminar called “Modern and Native Movement in Turkish Literature.”

Özel evaluated Arabic translations of the books of the modern and native authors of Turkish literature and how they are qualified, in the seminar organized by Turkish Cultural Center of Rabat Yunus Emre Enstitüsü.

“There is a lack of Arabic translations of Turkish books”

Ahmet Murat Özel said the number of Turkish books translated to Arabic is too low and a committed work has to be done about it. “The leading books translated to Arabic are the works of  modern Turkish authors like Nazım Hikmet and Aziz Nesin. Later on almost all books of Orhan Pamuk and Elif Şafak are also translated to Arabic. But although there are too many well known authors and poets in Turkey, we witness that only the books of some litterateurs are translated into foreign languages. I think those translations should cover a wide range of books.” he said.

Özel emphasized there is close connection culturally with the Arab world and the diversity of the translated materials helps to bridge the civilizations. “As Turkish authors and poets, we should work very hard to pave the way for our books to be translated into Arabic.” he added.

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