An Important Book about ‘Ahi Brotherhood’ from IHU Publications

Ibn Haldun University (IHU), which has earned its spot in the world of publishing with the aim of creating a systematic, high quality and versatile reader library, also reflects the quality of its educational activities in Turkish, Arabic and English publications. In this context, Ibn Haldun University Publications plans to publish academic texts in the fields of social sciences, as well as 100 books of Islamic Political Thought Classics and Tafsir ‘exegesis’ of Ebussuud Efendi.

One of the books got shelf place and published in recent months by Ibn Haldun University Publications is “The Work Ethic and Ahi Tradition of Turkey.”

“The Work Ethic and Ahi Tradition of Turkey”

“The Work Ethic and Ahi Tradition of Turkey” bears the signature of Mahmut Arslan, a professor of business ethics and human resources management at Ibn Haldun University. Arslan, who holds the presidency of European Business Ethics Network Turkey (EBEN-TR) since 2003, is considered one of the leading professors of business ethics in Turkey and the world.

The aim of Arslan’s book is to overview the concept of work ethic based on Max Weber’s Protestant work ethic thesis, and to reveal work oriented attitudes in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity, also in Muslim Ahi tradition of Turkey. Like Puritans of the Sixteen Century Protestantism, Ahi movement seeks grace of God through honest and hard work in this world. From a Weberian point of view, they were followers of this worldly asceticism.

According to the book, cultural impacts of Ahi tradition can still be seen in local Turkish business in modern Turkey, and its values and practices can easily be adopted to modern business ethics standards.

The works published by Ibn Haldun University Publications were presented to readers’ interest in many online platforms such as Kitapyurdu, Babylon and Kabalcı.

Ibn Haldun University Publications will continue its publication activities with the aim of creating a library that will be permanently remembered without compromising on quality in its new works.

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