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Announcement About Deva Support System

Announcement About Deva Support System

The scope and content of the Deva Support System, where students and academic-administrative staff can directly and quickly convey their intra-organizational needs, opinions and suggestions to the relevant units and request solutions, has been expanded.

Deva Support System can be accessed via https://iber.ihu.edu.tr or directly from https://deva.ihu.edu.tr/.

Topics that can be requested from the "Deva Support Request" are:

  • School/ Institute communication,
  • Information/ document requests,
  • Questions about scholarships,
  • Transactions related to identity card,
  • Military service process,
  • Issues related to double major and minor programs,
  • Issues related to horizontal transfer procedures,
  • Course registration/ add-drop processes,
  • Diploma procedures,
  • Issues related to student transport services,
  • Issues related to Automation Systems,
  • Email username actions,
  • Internet access related issues
  • Issues related to dormitories,
  • Library related transactions,
  • SKS related issues,
  • Issues related to the Career Center,
  • Issues related to the Project Support Office,
  • Issues related to exchange programs,
  • General requests, complaints and suggestions about the university.