Assist. Prof. Melike Günyüz’s Istanbul Writing Center Project to be Supported by IDA

Faculty member of the Comparative Literature Department Dr. Melike Günyüz’s “Istanbul Writing Center” project was granted support by the Istanbul Development Agency (IDA) within the scope of the Creative Industries Financial Support Program.

Working under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, IDA announced its successful projects in the context of the Entrepreneurship Financial Support Program for 2021 and the Creative Industries Financial Support Program. The “Istanbul Writing Center” project holds its place as a part of two Financial Support Programs with a total budget of 53,490,160 Liras. In the statement made by IDA, the “Istanbul Writing Center” project was classified among the works that increase the added value produced by design, develop the creative ecosystem and foster the original cultural production processes and local crafts in Istanbul, one of the few metropolises of the world with its cultural diversity and high creative energy.

It is worth mentioning that IDA has embarked on the mission of adopting participation and representing collective wisdom, and taking up a position in the center of the cooperation networks to transform resources into common values for Istanbul.

About the “Istanbul Writing Center” Project

In the framework of the project, in which various units such as Intellectual Property Support and Counseling Unit and Root Texts Writing Unit will be established in cooperation with IHU’s Comparative Literature Department and Curriculum Studies Application and Research Center, it is also aimed to reach talented young people in the field of writing with the Talent Development and Editorial and Publishing Training Programs.

Press and Publishing Union and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce are among the stakeholders of the “Istanbul Writing Center” project.

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