Attracted Great Interest and Participation, the Academic Career School Ended

The Academic Career School organized to be open to the participation of students who want to plan and shape their master’s and doctoral education, has ended.

The school, which was organized completely online and attracted great attention, was held on Saturdays and Sundays of April 3-4 and April 10-11.

In the sample lectures, program introduction webinars, seminars and Academic English trainings organized within the scope of Academic Career School, faculty members Prof. Alev Erkilet, Prof. Bilal Aybakan, Prof. Halil Berktay, Prof. Hasan Kaplan, Prof. İzzet Bozkurt, Prof. Mahmut Arslan, Prof. Sefa Bulut, Prof. Ümit Hacıoğlu, Assoc. Prof. Ali Osman Kuşakçı, Assoc. Prof. Berrin Kalsın, Assoc. Prof. Enis Doko, Assoc. Prof. Ramazan Aras, Assoc. Prof. Yusuf Varlı, Assist. Prof. Ali Aslan, Assist. Prof. Ali Demirbaş, Assist. Prof. Ekrem Çelikiz, Assist. Prof. Nagihan Haliloğlu, Assist. Prof. Naime Doğru, Assist. Prof. Nihat Gümüş, Assist. Prof. Ömer Faruk Erol, Assist. Prof. Vehbi Baysan, Assist. Prof. Yaşar Çolak and research assistants Abdullah Saçmalı, Enes Tüzgen, Ramazan Bora, Saliha Merve Kaya, Ömer Faruk Petek and Director of School of Languages Furkan Alpat delivered presentations.

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