The Deadline for Submission of Abstracts to the 2nd Civilizations Forum is October 15

The Alliance of Civilizations Institute “ACI” of Ibn Haldun University “IHU” organizes the 2nd Civilizations Forum titled “A posthuman Age? Science, Technology and the Future of Civilizations” on April 18-19, 2020.

Driving of Artificial Intelligence “AI” of the future societies, and the emerging legal debates on the status of robots as persons or even citizens, work environment and labor policies, security sectors and even the nature of war are the issues to be discussed on the forum.

Proposed papers, in Turkish, English and Arabic, and panels should include the philosophical, ethical, legal, political, economic, sociological, anthropological, psychological dimensions, or the literary and artistic expressions of the aforementioned issues.

Academicians interested in the subjects of, Philosophies of Posthumanism, Bioethics and Posthumanism, Challenges of Posthumanism for World Religions, Aesthetics and Posthumanism, The Politics of Posthumanism, and Civilization Studies and Posthumanism could send their abstracts till October 15, 2019, through the website:

The first Civilizations Forum was held in Istanbul on October 20-22, 2017, with the theme of “Religion and Civilization: Protecting Civilization as an Object of Religion” and witnessed a participation from a broad spectrum of high-level scientists from all over the world.

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