COVID-19 Measures at The Under-Construction Complex of IHU

As in the other campuses of Ibn Haldun University (IHU), the precautions are being meticulously taken into consideration in the under-construction new complex of the university since day one of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the announcement declared by the contractor company, the preventive measures taken within the frame of the pandemic are:

  1. All members of working staff were informed individually about the necessary precautions to be followed. In addition, readable informing banners related to the novel coronavirus were distributed on several points of the construction site.
  2. Restrictions were provided to keep the social distance in the dining hall areas, meal times were rearranged and the shift system was applied. The capacity of the existing refectory has been increased by providing additional worker refectory.
  3. All of the public areas are regularly disinfected by expert teams and continue to be disinfected.
  4. Although the occupancy rate of the current housing accomodation is 75%, in order to further decrease this rate, the establishment of a new portable accomodation with the capacity of 496 people has started.
  5. All cutlery, salt etc.. needs are served in a single use package in the refectory. In addition to the 4-plates food available at each meal, milk and cold cuts for breakfast, orange – yogurt and 110 g of luxury nuts for lunch and banana, apple, yogurt were added for the purpose of strengthening our employees’ immune system.
  6. Before entering the construction site, everyone’s fever is regularly measured and recorded, and fever measurement is continued at every lunch time to the employees staying in the dormitory.
  7. To confront any potential or suspected coronavirus case, a simulation exercise has been carried out on the construction site. Additionally, an isolated area has been prepared and identified within the construction area.
  8. Furthermore, no COVID-19 positive cases have been encountered on the construction site.

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