Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs Department performs its responsibilities and duties in accordance with the purpose, principles and instructions determined by the Presidency of Ibn Haldun University. In accordance with the framework of Law No. 2547 and related legislation, the department is responsible for: All kinds of payments of academic and administrative personnel within the scope of the prepared budget for the academic year. Conducting procurement procedures of goods and services included in the investment budget, as well as internal and external purchases of machinery, equipment and construction materials. Recording the invoices of all purchases of goods and services. Conducting student financial transactions. Preparing and presenting financial statements and reports. Producing accounting management data that will facilitate the future planning by making income-outcome expense analysis. Insuring the quality of services such as food, sanitation, lighting, heating, maintenance-repair, transportation and other similar services in order to attain the most effective utilization of human and equipment resources. Ensuring security, protecting and controlling the environment of work.

Head of Department : Turgut Aydın
E-mail :
Phone : +90 212 692 02 12

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