Department of Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs ensures that the official procedures of the students starting from their enrollment to the university up to the graduation are carried out in a true, complete and accurate way within the framework of the relevant laws, regulations, directives and codes of practice. Enrollment to the university, course registrations, internal - external transfer and double major – minor procedures, leave of absence, graduation and other ex-matriculation processes are under the responsibility of Student Affairs Department. Student ID cards, commutation ticket cards, student certificates, transcripts, interim certificates of graduation, diplomas and diploma supplements are provided and delivered to the students by Student Affairs Department. Preparing the academic calendar and ensuring its implementation, meeting any of the information and support requests of the students, being in correspondence with the academic activities or the students and other institutions and organizations, and preparing statistical data about the number of students are among the duties of the department.

Head of Department : Nilay Yıldıran
E-mail :
Phone : +90 212 692 02 12 / 1162

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