Directorate of Editorial Affairs

In order to ensure the control and the transactions of correspondences of the Rectorate to be carried out from a single center, the Directorate of Editorial Affairs was established to work within the body of the Secretariat General. It is the responsibility of the of Editorial Directorate to ensure that all the flows of documents, transfers of all the articles coming from the administrative units of our university, outside and from individuals to the Rectorate and General Secretariat are delivered to the related units and organizations on time and to take the necessary precautions for that. It is the responsibility of the Editorial Affairs to write and preserve the meeting decisions of the boards and to distribute it to the related units, file and archive the documents according to the EDSS coding system (Electronic Document Software System). It is also their responsibility to consider the directorate’s adopted objectives, legal regulations and technology in following up closely all business and transactions related to its field of activity, establish correspondence standards, contribute to the development of corporate identity and culture, plan, direct, coordinate and supervise the transactions in accordance with productivity principles.

Manager : Hanife Işık
E-mail :, Registered Electronic Mail:
Phone : +90 212 692 02 12

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