Ethics Studies

In addition to its main bodies of undergraduate and graduate instruction, Ibn Haldun University has been setting up and running a number of special centers in order to develop and sustain research projects in various fields and disciplines, to complement them with professional expertise and advisory services; and to promote cooperative networks with both public and private sector as well as non-governmental or international organizations.

The aim of the Ethics Studies Application and Research Center is; to gather the academic research and publication activities related to the ethical problems of the disciplines such as business, philosophy, communication, Islamic sciences, political science and international relations, under the roof of a multidisciplinary research and application center. Thanks to this center, notably studies in business ethics and studies in fields such as bioethics, media ethics, political ethics, religion-ethics relations, could be coordinated more easily. The common goal of these studies is to support the development of principles that are shaped around the universal ethical consciousness in all areas of social life starting from the university.

Ethics Studies Research and Application Center Opening Program

Ibn Haldun University Research Center for Ethics Studies (IHU ETAM) was launched with a well-attended program in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) on March 5, 2019. After Head of the Competition Authority Prof. Ömer Torlak delivered a speech about the importance of sustainability and ethics in every aspects of life, İTO Secretary General Assoc. Prof. Nihat Alayoğlu moderated a panel on “Business Ethics from the Perspective of Sustainability”. 

Advisory Board
Prof. Mahmut Arslan (Ibn Haldun University)
Prof. Ali Halıcı (Baskent University / Faculty of Commercial Sciences)
Prof. Omneya Abdelsalam (Durham University Business School)
Prof. Tamer Aksoy (Ibn Haldun University)
Assoc. Prof. Nihat Alayoğlu (Medipol Üniversity / Business School)
Assoc. Prof. Öykü İyigün (Istanbul Commerce University / Faculty of Business)
Assoc. Prof. Talha Köse (Ibn Haldun University)
Assist. Prof. Mehmet Şakir Yılmaz (Ibn Haldun University)
Board of Directors
Prof. Mustafa Kemal YILMAZ (Director)
Assist. Prof. Sümeyye KUŞAKCI (Assistant Director)
Prof. Ekrem TATOĞLU
Assist. Prof. Tuba Erkoç BAYDAR
Assist. Prof. Hakkı ÖCAL

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