First-Place Winner of #KülliyenSenin Photography Contest Revealed!

Winner of #KülliyenSenin photograph contest, which was launched with suggestion and encouragement of IHU’s President Prof. Recep Şentürk, is announced.

Starting on August 26, contestants shared 71 photos. After the first stage of the competition, which featured photographs of Ibn Haldun University Complex from different perspectives, ten finalists were carefully chosen by a jury consisting of academics from the School of Communication. Last but not least, nominated photos were presented to be voted for by the academic and administrative staff members.

As for the result of the voting that ended on October 1, the first place in the #KülliyenSenin photo contest was won by a photo taken by School of Languages Director M. Furkan Alpat. The finalist photo received votes from 70 voters.

#The top 5 photos in the #KülliyenSenin photo contest are as follows:

Contest Winner (70 votes)

Contest Runner Up (51 votes)

Third Place (42 votes)

4th Place (28 votes)

4th Place (28 votes)

5th Place(23 votes)

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