Future Studies Application and Research Center

With its rich research facilities in research centers, IHU is committed to provide sustainable solutions to the problems experienced nationally, regionally and on a global scale. In this sense, IHU’s research centers initiate and maintain research projects in various fields and disciplines complementing them with professional consultancy services. In this context, research centers of Ibn Haldun University promote cooperation with public institutions and private sector as well as NGOs and international organizations.

The center aims at conducting academic researches on predictions that increase the chances of reaching the yearned future by analyzing rapidly changes in today’s world. The center is set up to eliminate Turkey’s deficiency in the field of future studies and to contribute to country’s vision of the future.

Among the activities of the Future Studies Application and Research Center are creating an intellectual environment that aims to anticipate the significant changes of today and present it with rational methods and scenarios in order to predict the possible situation of the future, investigating the basic principles of economic, political, cultural and social change, developing and executing various strategic plans for the benefit of society in the future, and organizing various international scientific meetings, conferences, congresses, symposiums as well as educational programs.

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