Taş Mektep Campus

Taş Mektep, which is located at a central point of Bakırköy, was built by Kont Alléon, who was one of the founders of the Ottoman Bank and a specialist in town planning. It was built in 1865 and was completed in 1874. Count Alléon, who lived here until the earthquake in Istanbul in 1894, sold the building to Preveze governor Ali Rıza Paşa in 1898. In 1900 It was transferred to a school after it was allocated to the Ministry of Education, and until recently, Taş Mektep provided various degrees of education service.

The historical building, which was restored in 2014 and alloted to Ibn Haldun University, is home to various trainings of the Center for Continuing Education Centre (İHSEM) as the Bakırköy campus of the University.

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