Global Competition

Ibn Haldun University offers its students the opportunity to learn, interpret and apply what they have learned from different perspectives in an international environment.

Within the current university system students have a thought-based structure through a western-centric curriculum, however Ibn Haldun University positions itself in a different place.

Our university, which anchored the purpose of establishment and existence on intellectual independence, believes that real independence and freedom will rise on the basis of intellectual independence.

Lessons Offer World Literacy for Global Competition

IHU, which conveys in different approaches and methodologies not only the western approaches, but also the ideas of the East to the students, at either the preparatory classes or through the program classes, believes that neither world literacy nor global competition can be attained without reading and interpreting the global developments correctly.

A World University with Eligible International Partnerships and Cooperation

At the same time, IHU strengthens the identity of the “world university” with its international networks and cooperation agreements. Our university, which has signed student-academician exchange programs and academic collaborations with qualified overseas universities and think tanks from Japan to USA, from Malaysia to Jordan and Qatar and from Morocco to England establishes a robust network that will shape the future. While they receive an academic education in certain periods abroad, our successful students have the opportunity to be in a global competition, get to know new countries and develop their foreign languages.

An Intensive International Student Environment from 54 Different Countries

Our university, which consists of more than 30 percent of international students in undergraduate and graduate programs, has a colorful and well qualified learning environment with students from more than 50 countries.

As Ibn Haldun University, we believe that the way to establish global relations in business life, academia, politics and all subjects is through a rich social network acquired in the university and we provide support to our students on all kinds of issues required to make maximum use of these international opportunities provided by our university.

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