Hadith and Scholars Discussed at Suleymaniye

In the framework of the Wednesday Talk Series, organized by Alliance of Civilizations Institute “MEDIT”, a program titled “Hadith and Scholars: Its Formation and Challenges” was held.

The speakers in the program that held on Wednesday February 13 at Suleymaniye Madrasa Salis, were our President Recep Şentürk and the MEDIT Visiting Researcher from School of Theology of Doshisha University, Assoc. Prof. Moriyama Teruaki. Academics, scholars and intellectuals also took part in the event.

Talk Over Hadith Again at Madrasa of Suleymaniye

In his presentation “Unbroken Chain of Social Memory: Hadith Transmission Network 610-2019,” Professor Recep Şentürk, firstly reminded that Suleymaniye Madrasa and especially Darülhadis was the most powerful and effective educational institution in the Ottoman intellectual world from its establishment till the 20th century and added “It is gratifying that an important scientific meeting is held on the Hadith today.”

Prof. Şentürk termed the hadith transmission network “the longest recorded social network”.

“There are no other networks like this recorded in the world,” he said.

He also talked about two main disciplines “Usul al-Hadith” and “Usul al-Fiqh” used in the evaluation of hadith.

“Usul al-Hadith and Usul al-Fiqh: one is about reliable transmission and the other is appropriate understanding and practicing the hadith.”

Medieval hadith scholars

Assoc. Prof. Moriyama Teruaki spoke on how medieval hadith scholars, who called themselves ‘Ashab al-Hadith,’ compiled and used biographical local histories.

Hadith scholars were linked to a scholarly line from 10th century Khorasan, the historical region lying in the northeast of Greater Persia, including part of Central Asia and Afghanistan, he said.

“These scholars played an important role in both the development of hadith studies and the spread of Sunnah and medieval Muslim societies,” he said.

However, he said discussions on the authenticity of hadith are still going on, noting it is one of the “most critical” subjects in this regard.

Through his speech, Moriyama said: “Some hadith are innovated, fabricated. At the same time, some hadith are thoroughly attributed to Prophet Mohammed.

“They –scholars- tried to distinguish authentic hadith and fake hadith. It is the main purpose of the hadith scholars and academic practices.”

Such discussions on the authenticity of hadith have always continued, he said.

No hadith contradicts the Quran

Moriyama said authentic hadith do not contradict the Quran.

“There are some little contradictions between hadith and Quran. However, authentic hadith do not contradict the Quran. Hadith scholars dismissed such hadith contracting the Quran.”


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