“I was planning to be a philosopher or a captain…”

Professor Teoman Duralı of Ibn Haldun University attended to a meeting organized by the Municipility of Bağcılar and told his experiences as a philosopher. “I had two things in mind. I would either be a philosopher or a captain. If I choose to be a captain, I would go to Norway and if I choose to be a philosopher, I would go to India.  I chose to be a philosopher but I stayed in my country.” he said.

Professor Duralı said, he had to overcome too many obstacles throughout his life and his tenure as a research asistant has been canceled during the military coup in March 12, 1970. “I was jobless for 9 months and during that period I worked as a commissioner at Kapalıçarşı.” Duralı added.

As a well known philosopy professor in Turkey Duralı emphasized that he admired Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, one of the great names of Turkish literature as a poet and an intellectual.

Professor Duralı said, he had seen Kısakürek a couple of times when he joined his meetings. “I admired him. He spoke mostly about philosophy. He was very well read and spoke perfect Turkish. Kısakürek showed that in his books as well. I admired the rhetoric of two men in my life. Necip Fazıl was one of them, and the other was Osman Bölükbaşı, a well known politician.” he said.

Professor Duralı made a huge contribution to Turkish philosopy by his work and by the students he educated, giving him the Honorary Prize of Necip Fazıl that he directly received from the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last year.

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