Ibn Haldun University Campus Complex

Ibn Haldun University (IHU), which held its groundbreaking Oct. 22, 2018, will be witnessing its opening ceremony on Oct. 19, 2020 with the participation of Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The completed construction of the first phase of the new complex, which is emulating the classical Turkish architectural model, will be celebrated in Başakşehir district, the location of the new campus. With its modern faculty buildings and classrooms, congress and conference halls, comfortable dormitories, library, green areas and social facilities equipped with the latest technological facilities, IHU has obtained its identity as a “campus university.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic measures, classes of the Fall term of 2020 are delivered online at Ibn Haldun University.

The Complex Meets All Curricular and Extra Curricular Needs

Ibn Haldun University Complex responds to all needs and wants of students and academics, in both curricular and extracurricular aspects. In this context, the complex is equipped with classrooms and conference halls equipped with the latest technology, sports areas, activity and recreation areas, bicycle paths and parking areas, inner and outer courtyards, which maintain a high status in the Turkish-Islamic architecture, in addition to the specialty landscape arrangements.

Physical Facilities for Education

In the first phase of the complex, 101 classrooms are prepared in the existing buildings whose construction has been completed. These classes, which are of different sizes, have a capacity of 12-20-30-54 students. In addition, the complex embraces in its spacious area 4 computer labs and 1 psychology lab, 2 lecture halls each for 180 people, a concept classroom to be used mostly by School of Law students and 1 conference hall for 412 people.

Dormitories, Social Areas and Facilities in the Complex

The total housing capacity of the dormitories, which are dedicated for both males and females, is 743 students including 361 girls and 382 boys. Dorm rooms are meant for 3 people. Regarding the social areas, the dormitory buildings encompass aerobics for girls and fitness rooms for boys, hobby kitchens, reading areas and resting areas. To the north of the dorms there are a soccer pitch, basketball court and tennis court.

Extending from dormitories region to the schools buildings, a bike path, is integrated into Turkey’s longest bike path of Başakşehir Municipality. At present there are about 100 bike parking in the complex.

“Barrier-Free” Complex

Ibn Haldun University Complex was built in accordance with the criteria of “Unimpeded University.” In that regard, all road and sidewalk joints were made flush to facilitate the passage of the disabled, and guidance applications were made for the visually impaired.

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