Ibn Haldun University Looking for Its Best Public Speaker!

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) announces its first English public speaking contest for the year of 2020. Aiming at encouraging students to develop the art of oral expression and convince the audience, Istanbul Public Speaking Contest (IPSC) is organized in cooperation with the School of Languages and Political Science Club of Ibn Haldun University.


According to the organizers, the best speaker of Ibn Haldun University will be carefully chosen after a series of selections. At the application stage, which is the first step of the contest, each contestant is asked to share a video introducing himself. Deadline for applications and video sharing is March 6, 2020.

Interested students of IHU can apply through: https://ipsc.ihu.edu.tr/apply/.

For more information, visit the website: ipsc.ihu.edu.tr/how-it-works/.



1st place

  • The Balkans Tour
  • An opportunity to give a speech at the TEDxIbnHaldunUniversity 2020

2nd place

  • South-Eastern Anatolia Tour

3rd place

  • Eastern Black Sea Tour

4th place (Selected by the Audience)

  • YouTube / Netflix / Spotify Premium Membership


Main the eligibility criteria:

  • Only students of Ibn Haldun can apply for this contest.
  • Speeches should be conducted only in English.
  • Contestants must create their own speeches, and each one of them must be substantially original.
  • Contestants can prepare their speech in the form of poetry, speeches, pleading or use humor.


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