Ibn Haldun University Search Conference

Between 18th and 20th December, a search conference was organized by TÜRGEV ​​in Sakarya for the planning of the foundation of the new university. At the conference, one focused on common vision and strategies, and new university expectations were discussed in detail.

The program, which started with the acquaintiance meeting on 18th December, was completed with a total of five sessions on December 19-20th. Each session lasted an average of 4 hours, and topics were discussed from the general to the specific with brainstorming, discussion and commentary.

Beside TÜRGEV ​​Chairman of the Board Lawyer Arzu Akalın and members of the Board of Directors, members of the TÜRGEV ​​General Assembly, the Board of Trustees of Ibn Haldun University, a large number of academicians, journalists and experts attended the Ibn Haldun University search conference.

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