Ibn Haldun University students rolled out the dough for Baklava in Karaköy Güllüoğlu

As a part of Bonding Occasions that was launched by Health, Culture, and Sports Department of Ibn Haldun University, Karaköy Güllüoğlu was visited with 15 students on December 22, Saturday. Nadir Güllü who is the fifth generation of Güllü family that engaged in baklava around 200 years and the chairman of executive board of Karaköy Güllüoğlu has told cultural background and history of baklava. Moreover, he talked about the cooking hints of baklava while showing round. By attending the event, our students have experienced all the processes from rolling out the dough for baklava to grouting from first hand.

Nadir Güllü hosted our students in his office and answered their questions. He informed that baklava originally belonged to Ottoman Palace Cuisine, and added:  “Baklava was cooked in Ottoman Palace Cuisine 600 years ago. There was a part in palace named as “Kuşhane” where the most delicious meals were cooked. Those tastes were carried to new lands with the conquests and one of them was baklava. Antep’s baklava has become famous over time. Chefs in Antep have specialised in cooking baklava. After sometime, my father brought baklava that my grandfathers have specialised in making it in Antep to Karaköy, İstanbul. Since he has cooked it deliciously, Karaköy Güllüoğlu has become a brand and establishment that has customers including leaders, politicians, and artists from all around the world.”

“There is no high quality of baklava unless its pastry is rolled with love”

Nadir Güllü answered the question about the number of kinds of baklava as:

“Today we are cooking 15 or 16 kinds of baklava, however if we want we can do 100 types of it. Important thing is making the best, not the most.” He explained the reason of his success with 12 principles, and advised students to listen carefully, because those principles are usable in international business, administration, economy, and all interactions amongst people. The principles are “Respect and love job, responsibility, loyalty, sincerity, sustainability, keeping your word, having a system, sense of ownership, constancy, fighting against difficulties, patience, and most importantly smiling.”

“You have to respect your work. If you do not show respect, then do not keep doing that. You must love your job. There is no high quality of baklava unless its pastry is rolled with love. Is not it why the cooks of mothers is good? Why? Because they put their love while making. Responsibility is also vital. I do not let others eat baklava that I do not eat myself. I offer to customers the same baklava that my children and grandchildren eat.”

The graduate student of School of Business, Ambreen Sultan said that “I was amazed to learn that despite their successful business, they are operating only one store at the heart of Istanbul, and people around the world walk to taste their Baklava. I understood that the quality over quantity is basic to their business. I get a chance to see a successful business model based on simple values of honesty, truthfulness and genuineness. I am always curious to learn new things, and IHU SKS is always there to provide students with such cherishing opportunities. The visit was organized very well with students from seven different countries. I get a chance to learn about food cultures of other countries and to share Pakistani cuisine with my fellow participants.”


Student of School of Law, Muhammed Türen, said that participating to that event was an enjoyable experience for him. He added that “I have spent quality time with my international friends, had the chance to learn details about one of the most important elements of my culture. And, I have to say that baklava was really delicious.”

“Different Cultures in Ibn Haldun University Making Great Bonds Thanks to Bonding Occasions”

Heath, Culture, and Sports Department started event series, Bonding Occasions, to create an environment in which different cultures can be introduced and interact with each other in İbn Haldun University which holds the highest international student rate amongst universities in Turkey. Regarding that, many events that reflect Turkish culture from baklava to Turkish coffee, from Turkish Paper Marbling to traditional pottery are planned. Moreover, the event offers to meet other cultures from students and academic members are welcomed.