AFAD Holds a Seminar on “Disaster Awareness and Earthquakes” at IHU

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) and the Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) jointly organized a seminar on “Disaster Awareness and Earthquakes” on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. In addition to AFAD experts, our academic and administrative staff and students attended the seminar that was held in Mukaddime Hall in Başakşehir Campus.

At the beginning of the seminar, Fatih Cem Oğuz, Head of Human Resources Department, touched upon the preparations carried out at our university on disaster preparedness, crisis management and occupational health and safety. Oğuz also introduced the teams that were drawn from IHU staff and obtained certificates with the trainings on first aid. These teams, according to Oğuz, are expected to intervene in case of any disaster that may occur in the university. Former Chief Labor Inspector Mehmet Ali Metinyurt also gave brief information about the legislation of occupational health and safety, which entered into force in 2012 and brought many innovations in terms of occupational health and safety legislation in Turkey.

After the speeches, Ahmet Alpaslan Duru, who came to the podium to make his presentation on “Disaster Awareness and Earthquake”, firstly gave examples of disasters both in Turkey and in the world. He gave brief information about nuclear hazards that can be caused by the chemicals that we use in daily life, nuclear and human-induced disaster types. For example, Duru underlined that any adverse situation that might occur in nuclear power plants in neighboring countries, even if not in our country, will affect our country with climatic conditions. Duru drew especial attention to the old technology nuclear power plants in Bulgaria, Romania and Armenia. Mentioning the importance of raising awareness in the community against disasters, he also gave examples from AFAD’s efforts to adopt modern disaster management systems, create a safe living culture and raise awareness. Speaking about the recent earthquakes in Silivri earthquake, Duru mentioned that the first step of resistant urbanization to disasters such as earthquakes is the proper construction of the foundation. He stressed out the importance of the 72 hours during and after the disaster, he touched upon what can be done during and after the disaster, the family disaster plan and the safe and risky places in the buildings.

At the seminar, informative brochures prepared by the Human Resources Department of Ibn Haldun University and AFAD were also distributed to the audience.


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