IHU Commemorates the Cyprus Peace Operation On Its 45th Anniversary

From China to the Balkans, from the Crimea to the interior of Africa in a very wide geography, our nation has witnessed many glory victories, it is a geography where the most beautiful works, both material and spiritual, of our civilization still live. Our ancestors left a legacy everywhere with the precious accumulation of Turkish-Islamic civilization and carried the mark of our nation along with them. Today, even though they are under other administrations, the souls and cultural heritage of our ancestors are among the inhabitants of those lands.

As a matter of fact, before the conquest of the island during the Ottoman period, Ebüssuûd Efendi gave a fatwa about the expedition and he gave reasons for the fact that the island was abode of Islam ‘dârülislâm’.

With the 1950s, the discomfort felt with this Muslim Turkish presence on the island gradually increased. It was almost 45 years ago when our existence there was targeted. Thanks to our competent statesmen at that time, our state rushed to aid its brothers in the struggle for liberation.

With the wishes that the bitter events do not recur and the Turkish-Islamic existence in Cyprus to still alive forever, we commemorate with gratitude our martyrs and veterans who sacrificed their lives at the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation. On this occasion, we commemorate first and foremost Dr. Fazıl Küçük and Rauf Denktaş, the symbolic names of the Turkish Cypriots, in addition to the late Necmettin Erbakan and Bülent Ecevit.

Happy Peace and Freedom Day of the Turkish Cypriots.

Prof. Recep Şentürk
President of Ibn Haldun University

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