IHU Graduates Thrive in Their Journey to Successful Academic Career

Continuing its educational activities as a research university focused on social sciences, Ibn Haldun University reaps good results regarding its goal of “raising qualified academics” in social sciences.

An indicator of this is the density of the students who have gained research assistant positions at various universities, although they are still new graduates.

In this context, two of IHU graduates from the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Master’s Program will continue their academic careers as research assistants at two different universities, while Lütfiye Sevde Öztürk was recruited as a research assistant in Tokat Gazi Osman Paşa University’s Developmental Psychology, Emre Gürkan and Şüheda Sarı join the PDR research staff of Sakarya University.

In addition, Mustafa Subaşı, a graduate from the same program, was accepted to the PhD in the field of “Counselor Education and Supervision” at the University of Toledo in the USA, while Şeyma İpek Çelenli started to work at Nun Schools.

IHU congratulates its graduates and wishes them continuous success in their academic careers.

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