IHU Green Campus Committee Gathers

IHU Green Campus Committee continues its works.  Within the scope of recycling works, members of Green Campus Committee of Ibn Haldun University (IHU) gathered for the 2nd time on July 30, at our university. At the meeting, the committee members discussed issues such as reducing the use of paper and plastic and raising awareness of recycling throughout the university. In addition, a survey was planned for the recycling works to be conducted.

Ibn Haldun University supports the project of #SıfırAtık “zero waste”

Ibn Haldun University supports the project launched in Turkey a long time ago by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization under the slogan of “Join #SıfırAtık for a greener and cleaner world!” In this context, the IHU Green Campus project aims to reinforce the reuse of the recycles of the university, with the zero waste logic, after processing it by the appropriate methods.

Zero Waste practices, which are defined as a waste management process that includes prevention of waste, more efficient use of resources, prevention or minimization of waste generation by reviewing the causes of waste generation, raise recycling awareness of our students, personals and their families as well.

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