IHU Ranks in Top 10 in 13 Fields Among All Foundation Universities: CoHE Report

The “2021 Foundation Higher Education Institutions Report” issued by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) has been announced.

According to the report, among 77 foundation higher education institutions, Ibn Haldun University (IHU):

Ranked 1st in the scholarship rate of Higher Education Foundations Examination (YKS) quotas,

Ranked 1st in the scholarships given to students to the education income ratio,

Ranked 1st in the distribution of closed space per student,

Ranked 1st in the number of students who were placed in foundation universities with a Faculty of Law, according to their YKS success,

Ranked 1st in the ranking of students who were placed in foundation universities that have a Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program, according to their YKS success.

IHU holds the second-place ranking in the exam success rate of its students

According to the report the other rankings, in which IHU ranked in the top 10, are as follows:

2nd in terms of library area per student,

2nd in the ratio of foreign students to total the students,

2nd in the second semester of equal-weighted 2020 Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam (ALES),

2nd in 2020 ALES 2nd semester mathematical success ranking,

2nd in 2020 ALES 2nd semester verbal success ranking,

5th in terms of the number of printed books per student,

5th in the occupancy rate in terms of 2020 quota and registrations and

6th in the distribution of open space per student.

For detailed information: https://www.yok.gov.tr/Documents/Yayinlar/Yayinlarimiz/2021/04-vakif-yuksekogretim-kurumlari-raporu-2021/index.html

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