IHU Winter School Ends with The Conclusion of The English Program

The Ibn Haldun University Winter School, which is divided into 5-day 2 basic groups, the Social Sciences School and the English School, ended with the English School closing program on Friday, January 31, 2020.

The English School, which has seen participation of 50 high school students from all over Turkey, offered English language education to the participants in classes of 10-person by native teachers. In the program, social-cultural activities and excursions where students could practice the language were also held.

“Education, an activity endures from the cradle to the grave”

In the closing program of English High School Winter School, Head of Media and Communication Department Assist. Prof. Hakkı Öcal delivered a speech. Stating that people have something to learn at all ages, Öcal said that learning is an activity that continues “from cradle to grave” and one should put his heart in everything he does. Underlining that the participants did not only learn English in the past week, but also established a network, Öcal touched on the importance of meeting new people, establishing connections and relationships, networking, communicating and keeping these relationships alive. He reminded that in today’s world it is as important as what you know, sometimes even more, who you know. Hakkı Öcal, who continued his remarks by saying “know you are extremely valuable, be aware of that,” advised students not to waste a single moment of their lives, to know the value of now and to look at life curiously and consciously.

After the speech of Assist. Prof. Hakkı Öcal, the closing program ended with the presentation of Kahoot game and handing over participation certificates.

“What has been done in the English High School Winter School”

The students attended 5 English lectures each day from Monday to Friday in prearranged classes according to their English language proficiency. Application-oriented lectures were held to develop student’s “Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing” skills.

A detailed report and “Participation Certificate” showing the language proficiency level was given to the participants who were able to speak English 24 hours a day, thereby leveling up in English in a week. At the end of the program, students took the Pearson Versant exam, an international test, and tested their English level.

In the English High School Winter School, where all the lectures are given by the lecturers of Ibn Haldun University (IHU), trips to the Süleymaniye Complex, the Grand Bazaar and the Historical Peninsula, and the TRT World were also held.

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