lhami Atalay: Art, Is The Name of Beauty That Human Being Is in Love With

The Department of Health, Culture and Sports of Ibn Haldun University has launched a new series of interviews titled “Art Meetings.” In Art Meetings, significant names in the art domain will be hosted in our university. They will be speaking to our students about their experiences.

“Art and Us,” which hosted Ilhami Atalay, was held on February 13, to be the first meeting of the series.

In his speech, Atalay, expressed the importance of creating a new concept of art produced from our own codes of culture and reflecting the meaning of art, wisdom and contemplation to our life.

Describing art as: the name of the beauty that human being is in love with, Atalay said, “There are three kinds of eyes: the eye that can see, the eye of mind and the eye of the heart. The eye of the heart means wisdom. For the human to be able to realize the beauty, he has to look with the wisdom.” He said.

“We Need to Build a New Understanding of Art”

Atalay, stressed out that our sense of art effected by west has deeply damaged our evaluation ability of things, and the solution is potentially lays in our philosophy of culture.

Art Meetings will continue with the participation of different artists in the coming months.



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