In the Light of New Sources and Approaches, The Book “Suleyman The Lawgiver and His Reign” Released

Ibn Haldun University Publications released “Suleyman The Lawgiver and His Reign – New Sources, New Approaches” book. Stemming from the second international symposium entitled “Suleyman The Lawgiver and His Reign,” the book focuses on the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who was the longest ruling sultan of the Ottoman Empire with his forty-six years of reign (1520 – 1566).

In the book “Suleyman The Lawgiver and His Reign – New Sources, New Approaches,” fourteen articles are brought to the attention of readers under the titles “Image, Administration and Military Activities of the Sultan,” “Literature and Historiography” and “Beyond the Ottoman Borders: Information Gathering, Diplomacy and African Slaves.” From the private life of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent to luxury consumer goods offered to the use of the palace, from charities serving the poor to manuscript production, from imperial ideologies to war and diplomacy, many topics are covered under the light of new sources and new approaches.

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