Institutional External Evaluation Program Pays Site Visit to IHU

The Institutional External Evaluation Program organized by the Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey (THEQC) was held within IHU between August 2 – September 7, 2021. The program aims to evaluate the quality levels of higher education institutions’ education and research-development activities and administrative services in accordance with the national and international quality standards.

The Evaluation Team, which works within the scope of the Institutional External Evaluation Program, was formed by the Higher Education Quality Council of Turkey in consultation with Ibn Haldun University (IHU), from the following names:

prof. Ercan Öztemel (Head of Evaluation Team) (Marmara University)

prof. Nuray Keskin (Academic Evaluator) (Ondokuz Mayıs University)

prof. Aytekin Çökelez (Academic Evaluator) (Istanbul Technical University)

prof. Canan Fisun Abay (Academic Evaluator) (Aegean University)

prof. Ömer Delialioğlu (Academic Evaluator) (Middle East Technical University)

prof. Durmuş Acar (Academic Evaluator) (Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University)

Assoc. Prof. Hanifi Parlar (Academic Evaluator) (Istanbul Commerce University)

Şafak Gür (Administrative Evaluator) (Quality Coordinator at Antalya Bilim University)

Aleyna Feraye Yılmaz (Student Evaluator) (Baskent University Student)

IHU’s Administrative Procedures and Quality Assurance System Evaluated

Within the framework of the visit, calendar determined by the Higher Education Quality Board, preliminary visit (remote) and field meeting (remote and face-to-face) were planned under the Covid-19 measures.

The remote visits on August 2, 2021, was held with the participation of IHU’s President Atilla Arkan, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Deputy Secretaries General and members of the Quality Commission together with the team president and team members of the evaluation board.

Within the scope of the virtual visits held via video conference on August 23-24, 2021, the evaluation team members firstly listened to IHU’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees Prof. İrfan Gündüz who talked about the administrative procedures and quality assurance system of the institution. Then, comprehensive meetings were held with the external stakeholders of the university and members of Ibn Haldun University’s quality commission, university’s executive board, senate members, Dean of Faculty of Law and deputy deans, Humanities and Social Sciences deans and deputy deans, Faculty Secretariat, managers and secretaries of School of Graduate Studies and Alliance of Civilizations Institute, managers of administrative personnel, managers of the research centers.

The face – to – face site visit of the Institutional External Evaluation team to the Ibn Haldun Complex held on September 6, 2021, was concluded with interviews with academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and administrative staff.

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