“Language Immersion” Summer School for High School Has Started in Başakşehir Campus

“Language Immersion” summer school program for high school has started on Monday, June 24 at our campus of Başakşehir with the participation of 60 high school students from overall Turkey. The program which continues for 4 weeks, consists of students who have A2 level of English language.

Unlike traditional language teaching programs, the “Immersion” method is known to be an effective method for children and young people to acquire language using their natural abilities. In this method, participants are exposed to the language without translation in all their routines as well as in-class activities and, unwittingly, they attain fast and permanent learning. The unique program in Turkey, provides 24-hour English speaking to students in order to pave the way for the students to achieve a ‘significant jump’ in the language levels in 4 weeks’ period. All activities and classes of the program to be held in English.

In addition, international mentors from around the world will take part in the program, where students will be able to contact at any time to ensure full efficiency.

A Full of Social Activities and Excursions Program

Apart from the courses, students will attend academic seminars to be given twice a week in English by our faculty members from the faculties of Communication, Educational Sciences, Law, Management Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Islamic Sciences. According to their interests, students will also be able to join workshops of art and music in English.

On Saturdays and Sundays, full-day social activities and excursions will be awaiting high school students participating in the program.

Certificate of Participation

Students who complete the program with the expected attendance will be given a passing grade, detailed report showing language level and a certificate of participation. At the end of the program, students will take the international Pearson Versant exam to test their English language level.

“Language Immersion” Summer School program for High School students offers a boarding program, which hosting students in the dormitories of boys and girls.

All students have free access to the university’s facilities such as the library and the cafeteria during the program.