Language Teaching Institution: IHU School of Languages

Ibn Haldun University (IHU) School of Languages ​​crowned its internationally accredited language education as an institution that teaches language by giving TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Course.

Participants Will Receive a Worldwide TEFL Certificate

At the end of the trainings organized within the scope of the course accredited by the International Training Institute (ITI), participants who complete the course successfully will be granted a TEFL certificate valid all over the world.

Twenty English teachers from six colleges attended the course, which started at the Ibn Haldun University Complex on Saturday, October 9th. The TEFL course will continue for 4 weeks within the IHU School of Languages.

The second training course of TEFL, which is delivered by Cambridge University accredited instructors of IHU, will be conducted in December with new participants. The teaching staff members of TEFL includes Haktan Tursun, English Unit Coordinator, Mahmoud Dahman, School of Languages ​​Professional Development Unit Coordinator and Montaser Jassouma, Level Coordinator.

Trainings for Arabic and Turkish Instructors to Be Organized

In addition, as of November-2021, Training of Trainers of “Turkish as a Foreign Language” and “Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language” certificate programs will also be organized within the School of Languages.

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