Life at IHU

Our Campuses

IHU educational activities are held at university’s facilities of Basaksehir, Suleymaniye and Bakirkoy Taş Mektep. In addition, 450 years of historical madrasas at the summit of the Ottoman science world in the Suleymaniye Kulliye have been restored by the university, and education activities of School of Islamıc Sciences, Alliance of Civilizations Institute, Islamic Sciences Institute and Honor Program are taking place there.


International Student Environment

One of the foundation goals of our university, which admits 150 undergraduate students each year, is to have up to one-third of its undergraduates and half of the graduates from international students. Today, the ratio of international students to all students is 30%, and well selected students from more than 70 countries are studying in our undergraduate and graduate programs. This colorful student environment offers our students the opportunity to meet different cultures of the world.

International Student Environment From More Than 70 Countries

Student clubs

There are 10 student clubs in our university: Archery and Equestrianism, Cinema, Photography, Debate and Thought, Theater, Islamic Studies, Career and Development, Social Assistance, Travel and Law. Our students can become members of any club or take an active role in the establishment of a club within the framework of the procedures.

Culture, Art and Sports Activities

IHU students gain not only academic knowledge but also cultural awareness of our country and the world. Taking into account the demands of our students, each of the clubs, academic and administrative units organize many cultural events from non-classroom seminars to reading groups, trips and kermes (a charity food fair).

Art courses are one of the privileged features of our university. Ney, oud, bağlama, violin, piano, calligraphy, painting, percussion and wood carving courses are held. A new art course can be started by IHU upon the request of at least 7 people.

IHU also supports our students in sport activities. Our students are prepared for sport competitions by working together with a coach. Some of the sporting activities such as indoor football, archery, arm wrestling, wrestling, rowing and dragon boat racing, and table tennis, are organized. In addition, our students participate as a team in various competitions and tournaments both in Turkey and abroad.

Culture, Art and Sports Activities

Medical Center

All undergraduate and graduate students benefit free of charge from our health center.

Medical Center

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