Multi Language Education

Ibn Haldun University aims to provide its graduates the ability to use the scientific traditions, methods and concepts related to eastern and western civilizations within the context of its mission of becoming a research university with a focus on social sciences, global objectives and its principle of intellectual independence. In line with this goal, it is of great importance for our students to think using different languages, to express what they are thinking and to gain access to main references in different languages more easily.

Language Education, the Basis Founder of Accumulation of World Civilizations

Our students will need to master a certain level of English, Turkish and Arabic languages at undergraduate and graduate levels (or another language prescribed by their program). In addition to these 3 languages, other eastern languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Farsi and western languages such as Malay German, French and Spanish, that will create the foundations for the accumulation of world civilizations, are also offered.

International Certified Language Teaching

Our language school, which integrates all the technological and pedagogical facilities of the 21st century, and our Turkish Education, Application and Research Center (TÖMER), conducts a communicative approach with content-oriented curricula in the 10-15 student’s classrooms, created to achieve the highest performance in teaching. Thanks to our instructors consisting of international experts, our students not only learn the language but also have the opportunity to understand the cultural and social context of the target language.

IHU School of Languages also has international certification. Our English Preparatory School has been subject to quality control by “Edexcel-Pearson Assured”, which works with more than 1000 institutions in approximately 100 countries in cooperation with 97 percent of the universities in the UK, has been accredited internationally with a successful performance. With this accreditation, our students will be granted an internationally recognized “Pearson Assured Certificate,” and will receive significant support in their school admission, job applications and careers.

One-month Academic Education and opportunity to Develop Foreign Languages for Successful Students.

In addition, successful preparatory students who attained the basic language skills, with a system implemented in our university for the first time in our country, can take undergraduate courses abroad in the United States, Jordan and the United Kingdom for one month in order to receive academic education and gain an international experience by visiting institutions with global influence.

A Campus Environment Where You Can Practice the Language You Learn

One of the unique features of Ibn Haldun University is that our students find themselves in an intense international student environment where they can speak the language they learn.

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