Opening of BISTLAB with The Cooperation of Our University and Borsa Istanbul

The opening ceremony of “BISTLAB” which was established in cooperation with Ibn Haldun University and Borsa İstanbul, was held on Thursday, April 4 at Bakırköy Taş Mektep Campus with the participation of distinguished guests.

“Our Students will be equipped with practical experience”

Professor Recep Şentürk, President of Ibn Haldun University, stated that establishing “BISTLAB” will strengthen our education philosophy that combines theory and practice. Recalling that the education at Ibn Haldun University is not limited to the university’s classes, our President added, “Our Students will be equipped with practical experience while they are still students. The collaborations developed by our university with many powerful institutions such as Borsa Istanbul will also contribute to the development of Turkey.”

“We embarked on a journey that too many universities could not dare”

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan delivered a short speech at the ceremony. Reminding that Ibn Haldun University set out with the aim of being a research university only in the field of social sciences, Erdoğan said that we have managed to become the focus of a high level of global attention in a short time. “Our university has a very niche goal. We embarked on a journey that many universities did not dare. We are a university that opens departments in the field of social sciences and aims to train academicians who will develop ideas that can produce solutions to many social problems experienced not only by our own society but also by world societies in the 21st century. We want to do this internationally.”

Professor Fuat Erdal, Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, also listed the activities that “BISTLAB” will carry out beside to the open to public activities that Ibn Haldun Continuing Education Center “IHSEM” organizes. Professor Erdal stated that our university, which produces authentic science, shares the information it produces with distinguished institutions, BISTLAB, established in cooperation with Borsa İstanbul, is an example of this.

“BİSTLAB will enable young people to gain financial literacy with the possibility of simulation and application.”

Chairman of Borsa İstanbul Professor Erişah Arıcan emphasized that it is important that Ibn Haldun University is a university that focusses on social sciences which no one dares, and that being the best in their field is the most valuable objective to be put in front of young people. Professor Arıcan said that “BISTLAB” will provide financial literacy to young people with the possibility of simulation and application, and that our country will contribute to the goal of sustainable growth and that everyone can take part in this growth.

Which training will be given in BISTLAB?

The Laboratory, which will operate in Bakırköy Taş Mektep Campus, will provide the undergraduate and graduate students of Ibn Haldun University with hands-on training on research and trading in capital markets.

Outside of a formal education, trainings such as: GAUSS Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Applied Basic Econometrics, Modeling, Statistics, Econometrics and Artificial Intelligence, will be given to academicians and researchers in the Summer School of June and July 2019.

In addition, the “BISTLAB” will organize trainings such as Equity Share, Futures and Options Market, Technical Analysis of Capital Markets and Finance Simulation for stock markets employees will be organized for employees in financial markets.

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