Our International Cooperation Activities Continue Incessantly

Ibn Haldun University continues its intensive international expansion in education. The delegation of Haldun University recently held several meetings in Morocco for a week, and signed cooperation agreements for education activities. Our President Prof. Recep Şentürk, Vice President of the Board of Trustees Necmeddin Bilal Erdoğan, Director of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and Assoc. Prof. Of our Philosophy Department Burhan Köroğlu and the International Office Department Coordinator Enes Yalman held high-level meetings with government officials and university rectors between the dates 23-29 December in Morocco. At the same time, a panel organized by Rabat Yunus Emre Institute was contributed.

Moroccan Prime Minister Saadeddin Osmani hosted Ibn Haldun University Delegation

The committee of Ibn Haldun University was first hosted by Moroccan Prime Minister Saadeddin Osmani hosted in his official residence on Sunday, December 23rd.Prof. Osmani, who is also a scholar and academic, exchanged ideas with our delegation and Ibn Haldun University was introduced in every aspect. Investments with education in Turkey and higher education institutions in Morocco and planning for the future of education were also discussed. The courtesy visit ended with the introduction of mutual gifts with good wishes.

Our Committee met also Ministers in charge of education in Morocco

Prof. Recep Şentürk, Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu and Enes Yalman held meetings with the ministers in charge of education in Morocco. During the visits in which Ibn Haldun University and education given in our university were introduced, they exchanged views on ongoing education policies and projects that will be made upon social sciences in Morocco.

II.Hasan University was visited

During the visit of our delegation to II.Hasan University, they met President İdris el Mansuri and university lecturers. Topics such as potential cooperative working areas, exchange of students and academicians were discussed.

Cooperation Agreement signed with El Akhawayn University

Cooperation agreement includes important items as Arabic-Turkish summer schools, common academic studies, student and academician change. Thanks to this cooperation agreement, in addition to the Arabic teaching chance provided in Qatar and Jordan, important opportunities will be provided to our students in Morocco.

Ibn Haldun University Delegation visited also V.Muhammed University

 Meeting with Darul Hadis el Hasaniyye Institute

 Second Cooperation Agreement in Morocco was signed with Undiapolis University

            For the last negotiation of Ibn Haldun University committee’s one-week visit to Morocco, a meeting was held with Vice Rector Prof. Wail Benjelloun. During the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between Ibn Haldun University and Undiapolis University. This agreement involves cooperation on issues such as student and academic exchange together with common academic studies.

“Turkish-Moroccan Interaction in the World of Ideas”

            On Friday, December 28, at the panel organized by Rabat Yunus Emre Institute at the University of Mohammed with the contributions of Ibn Haldun University and Mohammed University in Rabat, “Turkish-Moroccan Interaction in the World of Ideas” was discussed Coordinator of International Office, Enes Yalman made a presentation introducing our university, our teaching and international student milieu. In the panel after his presentation, Prof. Recep Şentürk and Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu made presentations regarding intellectual interaction between Turkish and Moroccans through outstanding figures and works.

The visit to Morocco, where the delegation of Ibn Haldun University conducted intensive and fruitful meetings, ended with the panel titled “Turkish-Moroccan Interaction in the World of Ideas.”