Our Sociology Department has launched the Oral History and Social Memory Project

Oral History and Social Memory Research project has recently begun in Ibn Haldun University. Preliminary preparations have been completed and eleven of our researchers have already started working in the field in different parts of the country. It is aimed that the project will be completed within one year and its results will be shared with the public through books, documentaries, films, web-site and an exhibition.

The project of ‘Oral History and Social Memory in Turkey 1923-1950’ initiated by the faculty members of the Sociology Department of our university aims at researching and analyzing religion, state, individual and social relations in the single party period of the Republic through the life stories and personal accounts of the witnesses. The project, is carried out in different parts of Turkey, is planned to make modest contributions to rewriting of a particular period of history of modern Turkey through the life stories and witnesses of the local ordinary people.

In the project conducted by Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk, Assoc. Prof. Ramazan Aras, Assist. Prof. Emin Yaşar Demirci, Assist. Prof. Önder Küçükural and Assist. Prof. Ekrem Çelikiz will contribute as researchers. The history consultancy of the project is conducted by Prof. Dr. Halil Berktay, whereas Assoc. Prof. Burhan Köroğlu is responsible for the consultancy for the documentaries.

The team consisting of graduate and doctoral students working as researchers in the project includes İhsan Altıntaş, Elif Naime Arslanoğlu, Musa Kökçen, Hale Nur Çebi, Elif Haliloğlu, Halil Uyanık, Amina Smits, and Osman Doğan. The project launched on July 2017 is planned to be completed on July 2018.

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